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At Belong Digital, our primary objective with PPC campaigns is to promote brand awareness, boost high-quality conversion-friendly site traffic and foster bottom line conversions by progressively increasing the ad quality scores over time.

Relevant site traffic can be increased by restructuring your PPC campaigns by removing irrelevant and generic keywords. For brand awareness purposes, however, we can create a display remarking campaign.

PPC Agency

Belong Digital offers analytical support for all PPC campaigns to help you optimise your ad spend. Get in touch with our team today and start reaping the benefits of our pay-per-click digital strategies today.

PPC Management and Campaign Strategy Structure

The keywords and the underlying messaging need to be more specific than targeting generic and broad keyword strings to see results. We can also use geo-targets such as suburbs and city names to form longtail keywords and segment our intended audience accordingly. We then run ads during specific times of the day that will have the potential to maximise visibility and click-through rates.

Mobile Advertising for PPC Campaigns

Approximately 15% of total search traffic is via mobile devices. To target this mobile audience, we can create mobile ads with ‘click to call from ads’ ad extensions. Visitors can directly call by clicking on a special phone number that will be displayed on the ads targeting mobile devices.

PPC Agency Ad Copy

Our copywriting team can create variations of ad copy that are specifically tailored to be user-friendly and engaging. Our ultimate goal is to increase the quality score of the ad and optimise the click-through rate.

Keyword insertion is an advanced feature that provides more relevant ads to the user. This technique will insert individual personalised keywords into the same ad text so that a user sees a distinct ad for their keyword search if their keyword triggers one of your ad group keywords.

Conversion Tracking

As a PPC agency, Belong Digital We will implement conversion tracking metrics, which will measure the progress of your PPC campaigns.

Call from Website

Website call conversions dynamically insert a Google forwarding number on your website that measures the calls made by potential customers. Whether they click on the number or dial it directly from their phone, you can attribute the call conversion and the conversion value back to the keyword and the ad that led to the customer conversion.

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